How To Refresh Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

Many homeowners enjoy giving rooms a new look as each season comes around. There is something magical about the way different times of the year inspire desires for new colours and accessories. But it can be very costly to do an overhaul every time you would like one. With a bit of thinking outside the box, however, it’s possible to embrace those decorating urges without spending tons of money.

bedroom design ideasThough it may seem too simple a solution, removing clutter is one great first step for opening up the house and giving it visual appeal. Over the difficult winter months, when weather or seasonal darkness can sap energy, lots of piles can gradually accumulate in living areas.

Sorting through the things you already own and putting them away can set the stage for more in-depth decorating. Tossing out stacks of papers and discarding items for recycling allows you greater access to just about every space – and it feels great too!

Shop at home first. Savvy decorators who know how to function within a tight budget follow this advice. This means taking another look at treasures that have been stored away for a long time to figure out how they might become part of a brand new decorating theme.

Some of these items are paintings, framed family photographs, area rugs, linens or accessories that have been put aside for a while. Take them out of storage and assemble them in a room designated as command central during the makeover. Try not to buy anything new until you take a good look at what you already have. You can always purchase some things for extra colour and pop as you go along.

Invite a friend whose house you admire to come over and help redecorate. Friends most always will look at belongings with new ideas for ways to use these cherished items. Tell your friend what you like most in their home, and ask how they achieved the look you like. Ask them to devote a day to renewing a your rooms using their talents, and spend lunch together as a treat.

You might experiment with improving the traffic flow by rearranging existing furniture to new locations. Changing out one lamp for another is a simple idea that can bring a new look and better lighting to a dark spot. Bringing out a little used vase and filling it with fresh flowers can brighten any room.

Most interior designers use new paint as their least expensive way to improve a home. Possibilities for this approach include completely changing to a new colour palette. But when even new paint stretches the budget too much, taking the time to carefully wash walls can remove years of grime and brighten them. It is a necessary first step for excellent paint projects anyway, so try for the better brighter clean first.

If the result simply won’t do, then buying a good quality paint that will coat well with less is the next step. Another is to only paint a wall that could serve as a focal point. Consult with your local paint store to determine some good choices. They offer free help when you are purchasing paint. Have them mix up small jars of sample colours to try out. These are just a few dollars each.

freshen up your roomsWhile we’re getting the grime off the walls perhaps we need now to look below our feet. According to Mark Thornton who runs a carpet cleaning firm in Leighton Buzzard customers are always stunned when they see just how much dirt can be brought out of their carpets. Your vacuum cleaner can collect some of the loose dirt but the walked-in and ground-in grime needs a professional’s expertise (and equipment). This is one area where it is worth spending some cash.

When new curtains are on the wishlist, rather than buying new, consider hunting for these often expensive items at consignment or thrift stores. Some redecorate their homes every year, sending their gently used items to charity. Complete sets of high quality or custom made drapes have been known to be found at these locations for a few dollars. If the lengths or widths are not exactly right, some simple sewing can change that easily. Consider leaving beautiful windows open if privacy is not an issue. The scenery outside can be refreshing when viewed from upstairs rooms or four season porches.

redecorating your homeClean or discard anything inside that is worn or shabby looking. Scrub floors and shampoo carpets. Then, it will be time to go shopping for pretty area rugs, pillows and any other accessories that can bring sparkle to the new decorating plan. S

hop at major discount stores which have lots of home goods available. Visit vintage and antique stores, looking for sale items that captivate. This is the fun, yet time consuming part of any home redo. Take along that friend with a good decorating eye, to advise if a new found item is really a good buy, and then enjoy placing the ones purchased in just the right places. With some creative thinking, each room of the house can take on a fresh new appeal.

The Best Interior Paint Colors For 2015

What Colors are In for 2015?


With ever year comes a new trend and with each of those trends come a color scheme. Sometimes they are easy to predict, like beiges and neutrals, sometimes they are crazy like lime green and orange. Do I understand why they are the colors of the year? Not really, but if you want to get painting your living room walls lets get some advice from people who do, and let them tell us which colors are “in” for 2015.


Sara Story (from Sarah Story Designes) says that “The blue of the Mediterranean, and the tops of the churches in Santorini” is a color for 2015, as it pairs with a grey so well it just makes everything pop, and I have to admit, it looks great in the pictures that I’ve seen.


“I’m seeing warmer, muddy colors start to come back into vogue. I can’t get enough of rust, olive, dusty mint, and aubergine” says Jenny Komenda (of his design company of the same name). For those that think of rust as that pesky problem that plagues our cars, he’s talking about an orange, olive green and a nice white mint color coming together to create a great looking room.


Anne Maxwell Foster of Tilton Fenwick says “[w]e thought a lot about color trends as we were designing our Duralee fabric line and we love a little sour green mixed in with anything”.


So there you have it folks, three of the top interior designers all telling us what they believe is the next trend in interior design. The pattern? It seems to be a nice deep color mixed with a neutral color to make it really stand out.


Until next time folks!



Best Home Improvements by Value

So you’ve got some cash and want to improve the house in some way, hopefully to increase its value. Well you’re in the right place cause were gonna list off to you the best ways to increase the value of your home for each price range!


Free: Cutting Energy Costs

Most energy providers will provide a free consultation on how to decrease your energy usage, and this information can be invaluable when looking to make major updates to your home in the future. You can also pick up around the yard and make sure everything is neat and tidy – appearance is everything!8482318805_f3f05e9e90_z


Under $100: Paint!

Nothing looks better than a fresh coat of paint on a wall, as it displays the idea that you take care of your home and removes any unsightly stains or marks. As a gallon of paint costs around $25, you can get a large room done for under $100 with all of your tools. Tip: never cheap out on the painters tape! It can make or break your whole job.


$100 to $200: Popcorn Ceiling Removal

If your really looking to add value to your home, then getting rid of that popcorn ceiling is the way to go. Not only does it allow for easier cleaning, but this DIY task can be completed in a day or less. Just go ahead and grab some popcorn softening solution (at your local hardware store), layer it on and then scrape away. It’ll look better, be easier to clean and be much more appealing to everyone.


$200 – $400: Bathroom Updates

A small bathroom update can get you a huge return on investment when it comes time to sell your home. So go a head and update that out of date vanity, mirror or toilet, it’ll add value to your home and make it more comfortable while you are there.


$400 +: Kitchen Update

A Kitchen update, even the smallest one, will always greatly increase the value of your home. Getting new/refurbishing cabinets, new stovetop, oven, fridge or even microwave are all great additions to the kitchen and make it that much more likeable.


Bonus: The Pro’s

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you consult a professional first. It will help you to do it right the first time and save you the aggravation of having to do it over again because of a mistake.