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the Bay. It simply become almost a spiritual enjoy. It became one of those instances when architecture does carry you up. To the point where I was hesitant to carry any of my stuff in. I said: “I’m going to should convey a cot in. I don’t need to screw it up.”

  • With such reverence, how did you’re making it your own? Don’t get me wrong. We stay in this residence. I even have massive puppies and all of my crazy stuff and delightful dinner parties. I envision it like a Japanese hotel. There’s a less than excellent great. The worn leather-based sofa, mixed with furry throws and old rugs and brilliant collectibles.
  • You’ve got loads of crammed useless animals in right here. Ever offend houseguests? I am a huge animal-rights guy. I’m on the board of the San Francisco S.P.C.A. How does this weird element of getting taxidermy match with that? For me, it was usually about a feel of surprise. I’d go to the National Museum of Natural History as a child and notice those notable creatures. It’s now not a trophy component.
  • Does the hooked up giraffe have a call? I don’t call them like pets, but they’ve person. The giraffe got here from Deyrolle in Paris. The giraffe’s sightline seems onto my bed. It is a very private dating when you wake up and spot him in the morning.
  • I see there’s a baby grand piano. What music is playing to your delusion? If Kurt have been picking, it might be Bach or perhaps some thing dramatic, like Rachmaninoff. For me, it’d be Cole Porter. “You’re the Top” might be playing as I walk in, with a fire going. There’s a bar here, so I’d step in and play the bartender.
  • I see life and the paintings my company does thru a lens as though it had been a film. This residence is a stage set for that existence.
  • Correction: February three, 2017
  • An article on Page D4 nowadays about the San Francisco home of the fashion designer Ken Fulk omits a part of the title of his book. It is “Mr. Ken Fulk’s Magical World,” not “Ken Fulk’s Magical World.”
  • ow that the climate is ultimately beginning to heat up — hopefully for suitable — we’re geared up to tuck away our iciness wares and make our houses a touch more spring-friendly. But in preference to gravitating closer to pastels like we normally do, this 12 months, we are wondering outdoor of the box.

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