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according to association’s such company “primitive” the society. The society structure of functionalism also argued on that the basic building block of society is the central part of family therefore an outgrowth of families, not vice versa. Talcott Parsons was heavily influenced by Durkhiem, synthesizing much of their work into his theory. Parson’s developed an action-theory based-theoretical concept and on the methodological principle of voluntary action. He stated that the social system is made up of action of individuals and he was advocated the established institutions in society were in its own purpose and function. As well as Robert K. Merton who dismissed Durkheim and Parsons’ ideas and believed in that shared values were central in explaining how societies and institutions work, to support multifunction of the space is one of the main purposes of design now days.

Space is a site for human interaction, dealings, rituals, games and spectacles. These actions determine the spatial design to a great extent and the spatial features influence the user and the functions. People focus on the functions of the target space now. Building and design of a space considers the relationship between space and functions. Design with functions is a key point to transform a space to be brand new place. The parameters of spatial design are important elements. The function always affects the final spatial form. Spatial types can be identified and distinguished by how clearly its specific function can be recognized in the structural design. Specific architectural requirements and the purpose can strongly influence a spatial design and the functions. Bruno Zevi briefed “All the techniques of representation and all the paths to architecture which do not include direct experience are pedagogically fruitful; but their function is no more than allusive and preparatory to that moment in which we, with everything in us enter and experience the spaces we have been studying. That is the moment of architecture.” [2] This statement showed the importance of function in a space. Besides of function and use, a space possesses other distinctive features that are significant to spatial design and can be emphasized as specific spatial qualities. Space is perceived physically by all the feelings and cognitively with mind. Every site has its own specific, spatial environment, linking the design of building changes the form of its surrounding space that determines a structure’s possible design options.

In the period of 1930s, the discussion of functionalism was about the esthetic method not regarding of design qulaity. The main idea of functionalism was a totally different matter as it was lacked of ornamentations. It became a contemptuous opinons associated with the brutal ways to cover space where like cheap commercial buildings. For 1970s, American architect Philip Johnson maintained the profession has no responsibility of functions and the concept is still happened in many buildings.

The three classic goals of architecture are commodity, beauty and firmness. Vituvius is the author of The Books on Architecture; it is about Latin and Greek on Architecture. The famous for asserting is firmitas, utilitas, venustas that are commodity, beauty and firmness. As birds and bees build their nets, human build their own home. The functional place of buildings may trace back to Vitruvian triad, Vitruvius is sometimes refer as the first architect.

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