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Building a new structure

Building a new structure is not only the elements required only but the spirit and functions as well, not an architect desires to design a building without meaning. Behne was critical of the German architects whom he characterized as ‘romantic functionalists’, because their work would be not easily adapt to future changes of use, and so lacked the generality necessary to the social, as opposed to the individual condition. If builds a structure for five years and demolishes it in next five years, this is wasting of time and materials as well of money. With a small land size and practically no natural resources in Singapore, it is not worth for societal economy. Therefore, planning for many land uses within the small island are important. In addition to uses like housing, commerce and industry, given these limitations, the city planers have to formulate an own brand of sustainable development in Singapore.

If every building is part of a built whole, then it recognizes from its aesthetic and formal requirements certain universally valid rules, rules that do not arise from its individual functional character [Zweckcharakter] but from the requirements of this whole. For here, in the social sphere after all, must lay the primeval elements of the aesthetic. [137]

Behne’s idea was that true functionalism was the making visible not of the building’s individual purpose, but its purpose considered in relation to the general, collective purpose of society. For example building a chalet village in a busy, high rental financial region is an unusual idea and it is against the usage of the urban planning. The pioneer of modern architecture is the German architect Mies van der Rohe and Franco Swiss architect Le Corbusier. Both of them are the functionalists who at least to a certain extent of their building were the previous style of basic simplification. In 1923, Mies van der Rohe worked in Germany and started his production radically the enterprise that simplified to achieve Sullivan’s goal of inherent buildings beauty. Le Corbusier’s famous quotation is that a house is a machine for living, and how creates the machine is influenced factor in design the path.

The Villa Savoye in Poissy was completed in 1929 is considered the seminal work of Le Corbusier. It is a one of the most recognizable architectural presentations of international style. The house has been designed to be a weekend country house and is situated just outside of the city of Piossy in a meadow, which was originally surrounded by nature and trees.

“Unlike the confined urban locations of most of Le Corbusier’s earlier houses, the openness of the Poissy site permitted a freestanding building and the full realization of his five-point program. Essentially the house comprises two contrasting, sharply defined, yet interpenetrating external aspects. The dominant element is the square single-storied box, a pure, sleek, geometric envelope lifted buoyantly above slender pilotis, its taut skin slit for narrow ribbon windows that run unbroken from corner to corner (but not over them, thus preserving the integrity of the sides of the square).” [530]

Architects design not only the structure but also buildings that areas functions and purposes. Le Corbusier’s statement that “A work can only affect us emotionally and touch our sensibility if its form has been dicated by a genuine purpose” In the five points he addressed, the ideas consist to make the space become flexible and simple to provide other functions in different situations. However, in his designs of Villa Savoye there are also some

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