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Colors and decoration

Also we have religious occasions that need special decoration like Ramadan for Muslims and Christmas for Christian. For Ramadan we can see the decoration in Egypt where every house and every street are caring about hanging the special lamp that is called Fanoos Ramadan with its unique design and colorful colors. The streets are decorated with new moon, stars and small models of Fawaness Ramadan on hanging ropes. And for Christmas the tree is the spirit of decoration. Some people use natural trees and some people use artificial trees. They start to decorate the tree by putting the illuminated tapes all around the tree , then they put pieces of decorative gold and purple stars , and balls by the small pieces at the top and large pieces at the bottom.

Milestones, memories and life events passed on each person. Birth, marriage and death are important social events when people gather in certain places. These places whether indoor or outdoor need to be decorated according to the occasion. The most significant occasion that needs special attention is the wedding parties. The decoration starts from the wedding hall, the flowers on the tables, the cake, the decoration of the car, the bouquet, to the dais of the bride. And even the special decoration of the buffet.

Colors and decoration :

Colors play a significant role in decoration as they affect on people`s feelings and reflect the beauty of places. This affection can be seen when somebody starts to furnish his house he will search for the comfortable colors for his eyes. For instance, white ,beige, pink, light blue, and light purple, are light colors that the person reliefs when he is surrounded by them that is why people paint and make the decoration of the new baby born room with the most two common colors pink for girls and light blue for boys. Another benefit of colors for the human benign mentioned by Dr.Morton Walker in his book the power of colors , suggested that the ancient Egyptians as well as the Native American Indians used color and colored light to heal. Also colors reflect the beauty of the places, some of the colors make places widely and some colors make places tightly. For example, if we paint the wall with dark colors it will give the place a narrow shape, so it’s always better to paint the walls with light colors which will give the place a sense of widening, that’s way people use light colors in hospitals to combine between relaxation for the patients and spaciousness of the place.

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