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Nowadays, interior design become one of the most important works in the life, it can be define as a profession in relation to each what is going on within the space walls, windows, doors, finishes, textures, light, furnishings and furniture, the design of space inside homes and building such as choice of decor in other hand is the trade of planning the layout and furnishing of an architectural interior. It shows the art of the person and each design shows a particular person and has a distinctive design, even if it has more than one design, but there remains a personal touch shows the designer himself. Interior design is not far removed from the architecture, but is associated entirely. It cannot build without a design from the inside and it cannot also design the building internally without external. Architecture is for us a collective term for the material environment, for interior design, surface engineering, infrastructure, urban planning, landscape and region, but also for their construction and appropriation, for planning, construction, and inhabiting. Theory of architecture is a survey of the built environment by its inhabitants. But we will talk about something different; we will talk about Japanese houses and building that it is famous in its architectural and decorative and we will sort them by the date.

There are lot kinds of houses and interiors in Japan. Yamamoto’s minka is great example, which was functional and built of study local materials. Such a house can be generally divided into two distinct zones. First zone it is the entrance area is called Doma. the sceond zone is the farmhouse usually stands on wooden plinth and includes the living area and bedrooms. another kind is Tsai houses are located in the countryside. In the house there is Tatami, it is used in Japanese style, made from plants and placed on the rooms ground, but it can’t place furnitures like chairs and beds because it damage the Tatami.

The city of Tokyo, one of the most populated areas civilization on the planet, Tokyo contains a large number of population of some 33 million people and a high percentage of architecture, although the Tokyo dating back to the 17 century to 19 century until it became the capital of Japan, but what little remains of the original architecture because of two: the occurrence of an earthquake in 1923 and World War II, which affected much of the population down to half. Economic development in Tokyo after the war has to show a new city, and vast in area, a magnificent architectural and this remains with the original planning of the ancient city.

First, in 2000:

Small jewelry store ete is located on the Kotto Dori, is a commercial street of old shops that now contains contemporary decor and breathtaking scenery bright and has done so in the design simple and clear powered lighting: and have been using green light on surfaces instead of using the green surfaces so This creates a sense of color is beautiful, and the impact of hidden in the décor.

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