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I REALLY need help with the editing of this essay


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I REALLY need help with the editing of this essay, all comments are accepted.. This is my rough draft and I have no idea where to take it from here:

Art has always been a part of my life. Ever since I was young my passion has been to create. I would buy arts and crafts books and challenge myself to finish each project no matter how difficult it was. I ditched my dolls, and stuffed animals to help my brother with his architecture projects. As I got older, I stopped listening to my creative self and began to focus more on other people’s idea of success. After graduating high school at 16, I was still very confused and trying to find myself. I started attending college without an idea of who I was, or whom I wanted to become. All I cared about is what everyone told me; which was to major in a career with a high job demand. Becoming a nurse or a teacher were my top options. When making a decision of which of the two to choose I opted for the one in which I could be the most creative.

After a few months of thinking about my future, I decided to major in Early Childhood Education. Within a few semesters of study, I got the chance to visit a classroom at a new school in town to experience being a teacher. My first thoughts in the classroom were ‘how bright and colorful is this room?!’. I seemed to have enjoyed the decor at the school more than I enjoyed the teaching experience. I wish I would have known then, what I know now.

After my volunteer service as a teacher, I decided to take a break from school. During this break I found out a lot about myself, and finally figured it all out. I realized that I wanted to become an interior designer. I researched for months about interior design, and what school would be the right fit for me. I found ______________(school name), visited one of its open houses and looked nowhere else since.

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