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In contrast with the sobriety of structure

The geometric designs and heavy strains seem to be tailored from the place’s fabric and weaving styles. “In contrast with the sobriety of structure and decoration in the rest of Arabia, exuberant coloration and ornamentation characterize the ones of ‘Asir. The painting extends into the house over the partitions and doors, up the staircases, and onto the fixtures itself. When a house is being painted, ladies from the network help each different end the activity. The building then presentations their shared flavor and knowledge. Mothers pass these on to their daughters. This paintings is based totally on a geometry of heterosexual strains and shows the styles commonplace to textile weaving, with solid bands of different colors. Certain motifs reappear, which includes the triangular mihrab or ‘niche’ and the palmette. In the past, paint became produced from mineral and vegetable pigments. Cloves and alfalfayielded green. Blue got here from the indigo plant. Red got here from pomegranates and a sure dust. Paintbrushes were produced from the tough hair located in a goat’s tail. Today, but, girls use current synthetic paint to create new looks, that have grow to be an indicator of social and financial alternate.”[40]

Women inside the Asir province frequently complete the decoration and painting of the residence indoors. “You ought to inform a circle of relatives’s wealth with the aid of the artwork,” Um Abdullah says: “If they didn’t have a good deal cash, the spouse could best paint the motholath,” the simple straight, simple strains, in styles of 3 to six repetitions in purple, green, yellow and brown.” When girls did no longer want to color the partitions themselves, they could barter with different ladies who would do the work. Several Saudi women have come to be famous as majlis painters, which include Fatima Abou Gahas.

The indoors partitions of the house are brightly painted via the ladies, who paintings in described styles with lines, triangles, squares, diagonals and tree-like patterns. “Some of the big triangles represent mountains. Zigzag lines stand for water and additionally for lightning. Small triangles, mainly whilst the widest location is at the top, are found in pre-Islamic representations of girl figures. That the small triangles found within the wall artwork in ‘Asir are known as banat can be a cultural remnant of a long-forgotten past.”[39]

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