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Interior Design and Interior Styling

When I was studying Interior Design and Interior Styling, we often had to draw up room plans and then subsequently have to go and change a lot of it around.  Instead of doing paper drawings, I used free online interior design room planning tools.  At the time, I didn’t use a paid version as I wasn’t sure which software I enjoyed using.  I kept a list of the software that I tried and I urge you to take a look at each one and decide for yourself which one you prefer to use.

It’s great fun putting together a room together using one of these tools.  Some of them even give you 3D renderings which are great for you to be able to see what the room will actually look like from all angles.

These tools are great to practice your design and styling skills, you can’t make a mistake here.  You can really try out all your ideas before you commit to them in real life.

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