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These designs are divided into two types classical and modern

G. Topic sentence : There are different types of adornment in our current Era that used by people in the design of their houses. These designs are divided into two types classical and modern

1. Supporting one : classical decoration.

2. Supporting two : modern decoration.

III. Conclusion:

In conclusion, the decoration have many aspects that its difficult to discuss it all. And since ancient times we use decoration in our life and it get influenced day after day by our behavior which led to its develop all the time. The back of this development on the definition of decoration , where we use it, when we use it, its relationship with colors, and on its different kinds.

Introduction :

Decoration has started since the dawn of the human history and it is still developing from one age and one visible to another. This development starts when the person realizes that he can express himself and his own thoughts with it; besides, lots of people keen on collect things that give relaxation sense and luxuries taste. So decoration plays an important role in our life and there are many aspects that we know but we never think about. Such these aspects its definition, places and occasions that we use decoration on, the significant of colors in decoration, decoration in the Renaissance Era and Islamic Culture, and types of decoration.

: Definition of decoration

The definition of decoration can be exposed in many ways such as the scientific perspective and the personal optical. Firstly, applying the geometric theirs, dimensions, sizes, geometric shapes, and colors in a coordinated way which taught in college of interior design and giving the place an aesthetic value is considered as decoration through the scientific perspective. Secondly, decoration from the personal optical is to create a place to perform functions with minimal efforts and this includes floors, walls, ceilings, and equipments , to make the place where we live more beautiful, comfortable, and intimately, also reflects our own spirit and taste.

Places that need decoration :

We are living in a chain of places, so we are moving from one ring to another and all of them are decorated in different styles and this differ depends on the function of the place. The inhabited places; for example, our homes and villas that we use it all the time have the simplicity, the harmony and the inartificial. “The design of good houses requires an understanding of both the construction materials and the behavior of real humans.” On the other hand, hotels and palaces have a completely different direction. These places are characterized by phistication, luxury, and taste of elegance. (Peter Morville,2002)

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