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This new store for comme des garcons

Ete 2000

This new store for comme des garcons, in the elegant district of Aoyama represents the company’s quest for a new concept in shopping premises. Instead of following the pattern of a predefined corporate image, as was the case with stores ten or twenty years ago, the firm now offers a space that can be adapted to every situation, in which design is expressed through a number of subtle nuances. Distorted geometrical forms, bright colors and an austere backdrop are the key elements of this project.

Comme des Garcons 2000

Second, in 2001:

The designer Issey Miyake that created the new brand name Me Issey Miyake produces only T-shirt made of flexible materials, and thus, is worn by anyone, the concept of this production is applied to the design of the shop, and it has been to maximize the use of available scarce.

Me Issey Miyake 2001

Interior design of the Tag Heuer store hours was a find a space to reflect the contemporary, Their Excellencies and technology. Complexity and development of this place, the result of Continuous coating, which led to modernism and reduce lines, and so the customer finds many of the elements that show several meanings: the traditional use of wood in a modern way with the transparent glass plates, walls, and use the beauty of glass and twisted compact (2001)

Tag Heuer 2001

Characterized by Street Giza busy supermarkets and malls have massive fronts and neon lights, unlike the street, but the interfaces of sheet metal and curved glass, and austerity. From the inside, however, visitors will see the developed world Merged with the details and equipment such as the auto show Nissan.

Nissan gallery Ginza 2001

This project aimed to create an avant-grade, hi-tech look while overcoming the limitations of a narrow lot and preserve the traditional touch of the firm that commissioned the building. The cladding, consisting of prefabricated glass blocks measuring 18 X 18 inches specially made for this project, mark a bright, continuous separation between the tranquility of the interior and the bustle of Ginza, Tokyo’s most famous shopping district, A sophisticated and flexible articulated steel system was designed to prevent any damage from possible earthquakes.

Maison Hermes 2001

the design of night club, in the heart of popular bar district of Shinjuku, had two main objectives, one social and other strictly physical: on the one hand, to create a setting that encourages interaction between customers and waitresses, and, on the other, to conjure up an illusion of spaciousness on premises that are really of limited dimensions and low in height. Curved walls, bright colors and longitudinal perspectives are the main elements used to achieve the desired effect.

Club Now 2001

This restaurant, which specializes in thick Japanese noodles, is designed to welcome several groups of guests, while offering each one a setting appropriate to their needs. The project is divided into three distinct areas. One revolves round large central table; a second is a high counter that overlooks the kitchen, while the third is n area with seats, ideally suited to meetings and small parties.

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