Manage Domains in cPanel

Using Domains section in cPanel we can add Addon domain, Subdomains, aliases and DNS. Also we can set up URL redirection.

1: Create an Addon Domain:

Perform the following steps to create an addon domain.

1: Enter the domain name in “New Domain Name”.
2: The sub domain and document root for the domain automatically creates when you enter the domain name. If you want to change the document root you can edit from “Document Root” box.
3: If you want to create separate FTP account for this domain, you need to check the box and enter your desired username and password.

Finally click “Add Domain”. That will create your Addon domain.

Also you can use “Modify Addon Domain” option to make changes such as modify addon domain, setup redirection on your addon domains.

Remove an addon domain:

Click on the “Remove” link corresponds to the addon domain you want to remove. Then click “Yes”.


2: Create Subdomain

Perform the following steps to create a subdomain.

1: Enter prefix of your subdomain in “Subdomain” box.

2: Select the domain name from the box.

3: Enter home directory for the subdomain in “Document Root” box.

Then click “Create”. That will create your subdomain.

If you want to edit document root or want to set up redirection you can use “Modify a Subdomain” option.

Remove a subdomain:

Click on the “Remove” link corresponds to the subdomain you want to remove. Then click “Yes” to confirm the removal.


3: Create a Domain Alias

Aliases also known as parked domains. These are domains that you own, but alias domains do not have any contents. Instead alias domains point to another domain.

In order use domain as an alias or parked domain the domain should be registered with a domain registrar and must point the domain to your account’s name servers.

To create a domain alias, enter the domain name in “ Domain” box and click “Add Domain”.

If you want to set redirection for the alias, please click “manage Redirection” corresponding to the added domain alias.

Remove a domain alias:

Click on the “Remove” link corresponds to the alias you want to remove. Then click “Yes” to confirm the removal.


4: Add Redirects

Redirects allows us to redirect a domain to a different URL.

To add redirection select redirection type from the “Type” menu. Then in the second box select the domain you want to redirect or select “All Public Domains” to redirect all domains in the cPanel account.

In the next box add the rest of the URL from which the server redirects. For example, if you want to redirect the URL htp:// You need to add /test/index.html in this box.

In the “Redirects to” text box, enter the URL to which you want redirect your domains/URLs.

Then select one of the options from “www. Redirection”.

Only redirect with www : This option redirects visitors who access domain with www.

Redirect with or with www : This option redirects all visitors.

Do Not Redirect www : This option will not redirect visitors who access domain with www.

Wildcard Redirect : You can check this option if you wish to redirect all files with in a directory to the same file name in the new directory.

To remove redirection click the “cross” icon next to redirect we want to remove.

If you need any further help, please do reach our support department.


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